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West Point of Prout's Point Scarborough Maine By Winslow Homer, c 1905

West Point of Prout's Neck, Scarborough Maine By Winslow Homer, c 1905

Winslow Homer the American Artist That Started as a Civil War Painter and Captured the Essence of Nature Through His Artistry

Winslow Homer was an American painter and printmaker who lived from 1836 to 1910. Born...

Kônan Tanigami - The Asian Woodblock Artist That Became an International Master of Flowers

Nasturtium Flowers by Kônan Tanigami 1917-1924

Kônan Tanigami, 1879–1928, was born in the Hyogo region of Japan. He is best known as a "Kachō-e Nihon-ga" artist. Kachō-e concentrates on studies of birds and flowers, as well as other scenes from nature, and Nihon-ga describes Japanese paintings from about 1900 onwards that have been made in accordance with traditional Japanese artistic conventions and techniques.

After establishing himself as an...

Leonetto Cappiello The Father of Modern Advertising

Leonetto Cappiello The Father of Modern Advertising



Leonetto Cappiello, 1875 – 1942, was an Italian and French poster art designer and painter, whose art and life were centered in the Paris France art scene.  Cappiello is often referred to as the father of modern advertising, and he has truly earned this honor with his innovation in poster design. When Cappiello began painting advertising posters, they were characterized by early...

Japanese Artist Kawase Hasui - The Man Behind the Art


"I do not paint subjective impressions. My work is based on reality...I cannot falsify .. (but) I can simplify…I make mental impressions of the light and colour at the time of sketching. While colouring the sketch, I am already imagining the effects in a woodblock print" – Hasui Kawase

Kawase Hasui's photo at the exhibition hall-1953 Courtesy of Watanabe Woodblock Print Co.


Kawase Hasui,...

Archibald Thorburn Britain's Finest and Most Popular Ornithological Artist



 Ring-necked Pheasant by Archibald Thorburn c.1890


Archibald Thorburn, 1860-1935, was a Scottish artist known for his watercolors of birds and animals in their natural environments. Thorburn was born in Edinburgh Scotland in 1860.  He was the fifth son of Robert Thorburn, who was THE miniaturist painter to Queen Victoria. He was raised in an upper middle-class family of artist, naturalists, and outdoorsmen.

Thorburn loved the outdoors and paid attention and painted to the details...


La Primavera by Walter Crane 1883


Walter Crane, 1845-1915, was an English artist and book illustrator. Born in London, he was a founding member of both the Art Workers Guild (1884) and the Arts and Crafts Exhibition Society (1888) and later was President of the Royal College of Art. Walter was an advocate of new art movements and as his art developed, he became an admirer and...

Grant Wood The Man Who Grew up in the City but Whose Heart was on the Farm



Grant Wood's Stone City


Grant Wood, 1891-1942, was one of the principal Artistic Regionalists of the 1930s. He depicted his Iowan subjects in a deliberately primitive manner, almost satirizing them. His art was highly influenced by the volatile events of World War One and The Great Depression.  The name Grant Wood brings to mind, the Midwest, farms and traditional Americana. Wood used his art to portray his perception of the American Midwest, its people, and his ideas of the American...

Henri Rousseau -The Painter of Lush Tropical Scenes Who Never Visited a Tropical Jungle

The Flamingos by Henri Rousseau 1907

Henri Rousseau, (1844-1910) was a very interesting and complex artist. He is best known for his richly colored and meticulously detailed pictures of lush jungles, wild beasts, and exotic people. Henri became a full-time artist at the age of forty-nine, after retiring from his post at the Paris customs office. The self-taught Rousseau became known as the naïve artist. His techniques, unusual compositions and style resulted in disdain by contemporary critics. Simultaneously, Rousseau was earning the respect and admiration of...

Ohara Hōson Shōson The Japanese Painter of Nature

Lotus Flower and a Dragonfly by Ohara Hōson Shōson


Ohara Hōson Shōson The Japanese Painter of Nature

Ohara Koson, also known as Ohara Hōson or Ohara Shōson, was a Japanese painter and woodblock print designer of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, part of the shin-hanga ("new prints") movement.


Photograph of Koson around the age of 53

If you’ve read some of my earlier blogs about other Asian artists,...

John Gould - The Bird Man

John Gould

The Bird Man

Gouldian Finches as Illustrated by Elizabeth Gould


John Gould (1804-1881) is the most famous British Ornithologist, having created and published over 3000 Studies and Paintings of Birds! 


Sketch of John Gould by Marion Walker

John Gould was born in Lyme Regis, Dorset, England.  He was the oldest son of a gardener who worked his way from gardener at a rural home, to...