Orenco Originals for the Artful Needleworker !


A needle minder also called a needle keeper, is an invaluable tools that often makes you wonder why did i stitch for so long with out one!  A needle minder holds onto your needle when you put down your needle while stitching an embroidery or cross stitch project.  With a needle minder there is no more misplacing your needle when you take a break from your stitching.



A needle minder has two pieces. One decorative piece that sits on the top side of your fabric. This piece is also magnetized to hold onto your needle and to attach to a second magnet that sits on the underside of your fabric holding the needle minder in place. Your fabric sits flat between the two magnets. Just rest your needle on the minder when you need to take a break from your project and there it stays waiting until you are ready to pick it up again.

 We are so happy to offer these beautiful and well made Needle Minders from Kelmscott Designs.